Just came across this great website – http://www.wordy.com/

At first glance, I thought it was yet another translation service, but no, in fact its something I’ve never seen before – an instant online copy checking service.

Paste in your text or upload a document, and Wordy will instantly tell you 1) how much they will charge you and 2) how quickly they can turn it around.

Whats more – the checking service isn’t done by computers or bots, but real life professionals – and you can even let them know if your text is specific to a particular style.  Need an expert in Academia to look over your thesis? No probs –  they claim to have at least 8 specialists at any one time available to edit your work.

They even have a WordPress Plugin so even lazy bloggers can have stuff checked easily without having to visit the website.

A second pair of eyes over your documents is invaluable to most businesses, and at this cost and speed, this is a great service.  And the video integration on the frontpage is really well done, I love it!

wordy - copy checking service