I spent 3 months on Koh Samui this year – which is a great place for a digital nomad if you want a mixture of OK internet access, Thai living, easy transport, immigration office plus tourist escapes. I would say its up there as one of the better places to be in Thailand for digital nomads, simply due to these factors, although its definitely not perfect – food is quite expensive due to the whole place being tourist focused, rents are higher, and the airport is privately owned so flights are costly directly in and out of the island. The island is not that big, and traffic on roads is fairly quiet in most places, so its a nice place to explore and not get bored when staying for an extended time.

The thing I found the hardest to deal with is the lack of coworking spaces and community for business-focused people on the island – theres nothing! Which is surprising considering the other places in Thailand where coworking has popped up. Still, I tried to get around that with this list of cafes that make coworking easy and reaching out to people as much as possible.

List of Cafes and Coworking in Koh Samui

While I was there, I created a Google Doc for places to work from – especially cafes – as there was no dedicated coworking space. Find a list of Wifi and Coffee places on Koh Samui on Google Docs – and feel free to update it with your findings!

My favourite place to work from was probably Southern Coffee, outside Tesco Lotus Chaweng. Always plenty of tables, Wi-Fi was pretty stable, coffee was large and cheap (55 baht), aircon worked well, and the staff are friendly. The only one downside is that it doesn’t have a toilet in the branch, so don’t drink too much coffee!

The cheapest coworking space in Thailand?

There was one office space on the island – IT Complex Lamai – however it was a weird place to work from – but insanely cheap – just 10 Baht (less than 20p GBP) per visit if using your own laptop! However, this did not include any Wi-Fi access so you would have to use 3G or a True Wi-Fi hotspot that you could pickup. Connecting to it was difficult for most people, but if you get someone else to setup your account first (Phone Shops at Tesco Lotus), then it should be fine. IT Complex is easy to find on the main ring road as you enter Lamai from Chaweng, and is open 9am-7pm daily.

Got any questions about being a digital nomad on Koh Samui? Let me know below, perhaps I can write more articles!