Update – I have now written about Tarifa for Digital Nomads on my new blog!

My search for coffee and Wi-Fi in places around the world continues!

I spent January and February of 2016 in Tarifa, Spain. Escaping the cold of London, but with a requirement to be just a few hours away from the UK. Tarifa is a small town in the very south of Spain that is getting a name for itself in the “digital nomad” scene thanks to a few of its residents. It was an interesting 2 months, and fairly challenging to get in to a work vibe, but as we took to saying virtually every day while there “Welcome to Spain” and “because Tarifa” – most things didn’t really make sense. Some of the views made a lot of sense – stunning.

Pathway to a sunset in Tarifa

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TLDR: Would I recommend a stay in Tarifa in January and February = No, I wouldn’t. I’m planning on writing a longer post on Tarifa, as there isn’t much out there about it online that isn’t gushingly one-sided. Got a question about Tarifa? Let me know in the comments and I’ll include the answer in my article.

Coworking in Tarifa

While I was there, I worked from home, from cafes and from the only coworking space in the town, La Cocotera. La Cocotera is a low price hostel (for Tarifa) and they have re-purposed some of the shared spaces for coworking. The team of girls who run it are lovely, the building is beautiful, and the roof terrace is a really nice place that gets sun all day. They are just getting started with the coworking concept, and I think are under the guidance of Johannes, digital nomad and Nomad Cruise founder. I felt that the owners were distinctively out of touch with the needs of entrepreneurs and digital nomads, so lets hope they dive in and things work out for them.

Cafes and places to work in Tarifa

While I was in Tarifa, it was off season (high season is April to November). This basically means a lot of things are shut, or randomly shut, or being refurbished. There were a few cafes to work from in Tarifa. A lot of them are small, unsuited to working (the traditional 1 power plug per room through out un-modernise Spain continues) and the owners very often don’t want you sitting there for hours. There is not a single cafe in Tarifa with the Wi-Fi password visibly written anywhere – you have to ask every single time. There are a few places that are a cut above the rest – Surya, Cafe Del Mar and Stoked all spring to mind (they are also all next to each other – 10 minutes out of old town, right on the beach) but again, they are all fairly small, have open kitchens (2 hours in Stoked and you stink of stir fry), and have very few proper chairs and tables. I’ll have a large side portion of bad posture with my coffee please.

I put together a Google Doc of places to work from – Tarifa Wi-Fi and Coffee – http://bit.ly/tarifaWiFi – check it out and feel free to update it with more information. I also added the places to a Foursquare list – https://foursquare.com/thetwopct/list/digital-nomads-in-tarifa

Update  – I have now written about Tarifa for Digital Nomads on my new blog!