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Why I won’t answer your phone call

I have added this article to my blog because many people don’t understand why I don’t pick up their phone calls, and why I love messages so much.

I hope that it will help you understand my point of view, my values, and how I prefer to communicate.

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Uh-oh, another 3 months…

OK, so the last blog post I made didn’t quite spur me in to action as much as I would of liked…

But, I have a half excuse, as in the middle of December, I took a tumble off a Boris Bike, and broke my leg in two places as well as my ankle! So I am writing this from bed where I have been since the accident… Erm, so yes, I could of spent that time writing blog posts, but my day job has been a bit mental recently, so, yadda yadda excuses excuses.
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Here, there and everywhere

I guess that’s where I’ve been for the last 7 months, as I certainly haven’t been on this blog.

This post in itself hasn’t got much meaning, but I’m determined to start posting on here again, so I thought this post would break my 7 month itch and get me motivated again.

I’ve been mega busy recently, hence lack of updates, with new website projects coming in thick and fast, plus I’ve been trying to get my head around developing an iPhone app (I have finally joined the party, only 3 years late and got an iPhone  4 – hence my sudden interest).

On Twitter – but not the right name

Have changed the name of a twitter account I used to use to match up with this blog – it made sense.

Find us now on twitter –

Yes, I know.  But some git has claimed the name thetwopercent, so for now, its @thetwopct, and at least thats shorter anyway… Hit me up and add me, need some friends and that to get involved with 😉

The move to Google Apps

Right, I’ve finally gone and done it.

Moved all my numerous domains to Google Apps, so my email is always online.  Too fudged off with Surpass Hostings (brilliant as they are) Squirrel Mail thing, that should of been taken down the garden and introduced to Mr Shotgun years ago.

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