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Fitbit Tips and Tricks: 8 ways to improve your Fitbit Flex usage

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is the new smart monitor that you wear on your wrist to monitor your exercise, heart rate, food, sleep and more. I’ve been using mine for the last couple of weeks, and here are some tips and tricks.

Link it to My Fitness Pal

If you are tracking your exercise and activity, chances are you want to track what you are eating. My Fitness Pal has a database of foods which surpasses all others – and is fairly accurate due to rigorous user submitted content. You can link your My Fitness Pal account directly to your Fitbit account, and then track food and exercise in MFP, which will then sync and merge in to your Fitbit Dashboard – amazing.  To do this, go in to your MFP settings here and follow the instructions to link the accounts. Easy.

Set the Fitbit to the correct hand

I like to wear something on my wrist on my dominant hand – so make sure you have set up Fitbit to correctly monitor this. Otherwise you’ll be accounting for extra exercise even when you’re not doing stuff. Set it here.

Double-check accuracy if you are unsure


If you don’t think the Fitbit is recording your activity and steps correctly – get a second opinion by downloading and installing Moves. Moves is a great smartphone app which tracks your activity based on GPS, movement, motion and more. Its ace, but does drain your phone battery. For a temporary check though it works really well, and is free. Download Move here.

Always wear it

I know this sounds obvious, but friends who have them take them off at night, or don’t wear them when playing football – but the Fitbit is a rugged little thing, as is the wrist strap it sits in. To get the most accurate data on your health, always wear it! Even to bed, as the Fitbit can give fantastic analysis of your sleeping pattern and “real” sleeping time without disturbances.

Join Earndit and make money from exercising!

OK well this is a weird one, but startup Earndit have teamed up with various fitness companies to reward you for exercising – through activity, through winning challenges, for meeting goals and more. You can sync it with your Fitbit account so don’t need to do anything manually. I’m still early days on it at the moment so haven’t managed to redeem much as of yet, but its worth checking out for no risk or cost.

Check your progress any time

You can check your progress towards a daily task without the app or logging in to the dashboard, just double tap on the wristband – up to 5 LED lights will be displayed – there is a light displayed for every 20% of your goal you have reached. When you reach your goal, all the lights will flash and the Flex will vibrate.

Putting FitBit Flex in to sleep mode

To let the Flex know you are going to sleep, you can do this from the App, or from the Flex itself. To do this from the Flex, simply continuously tap the flex, rapidly, for approx 2 seconds. The LEDs will light up, and the Flex will vibrate. To check you are in sleep mode at anytime, double tap the Flex (as above) except that two spaced out LEDs will flash, showing that activity is not being tracked, instead Sleep is. To exit Sleep mode, repeat the rapid tapping, where the Flex will vibrate and go back in to Activity tracking mode.

One user experienced issues putting the Flex to sleep mode – so here’s his tip:

Use Silent Alarms to not wake your partner (or the baby!)

Silent alarms – where the Flex vibrates on your wrist to wake you – are an awesome feature of the Fitbit Flex. Set them from the App or from the Dashboard – just like a smartphone alarm, they can be daily, they can repeat, etc etc.  To turn the alarm off when its vibrating, tap the Flex a few times – you will see a solitary LED light on the Flex to indicate you turned it off.

I hope those tips about the Fitbit Flex were useful – have you got any tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments below!