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Kickstarter for Gigs

I love weird US rappers and weirder jazz musicians from random corners of the globe, but seeing these guys live is more than impossible.

Especially, as a former club promoter, I know the likely costs of getting them over, putting them up, putting on the gig, and the massive financial risks in putting on a show.

So whats the answer? Pitch – “Kickstarter for Gigs”

Fans of non-mainstream music can be bought together through the internet, put their money where their mouth is, and be part of bringing their favourite artists to their local area.

The pledge pages could be broken down by Country, then area, so if an artist gets enough pledges for one city, it jumps to the next, plus then they could create a tour out of it. Venues could setup their own pages to support gigs funded by the site, stating their min and max capacities (so bands can switch venues based on their popularity or how intimate they want it), its in the venues interest after all, they make the wet sales, and will get a full venue for minimal promotional costs.

Exit – sell concept to a big promoter, like Mean Fiddler. They have a large network of venues, empty on more nights than they are full, and this would ensure their venues were at maximum capacity with artists they wouldn’t usually spend time on promoting.