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Live video chat app for customer services – oLark meets FaceTime

I recently went to a 4G hackathon sponsored by EE (we won it – but, y’know). 4G access pretty much changes everything – it changes the landscape of mobile completely – big data, big video and big anything else is no longer a problem.

One idea I thought of is something we take for granted on most websites – live chat. With 4G, why just offer live chat?

Pitch – oLark meets FaceTime

Imagine you’re a plumber, British Gas, a washing machine repair company, or a utility of sorts. Instead of just a live chat widget on your site that your customers could use, you could now have a live chat video widget – allowing the customer to show you the problem directly from their phone. Need a builder? or a handyman? Fire up the app, start talking, walk to your back yard and show them your issue directly. This all saves the customer a call out fee, saves them time but also saves the company time and money.