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Starting a business in a recession

A recession really does get people down. You’re bored of your job but can’t quit. You’ve been looking for a new job but no-ones hiring. You don’t have enough money to quit without the security of a new job to go.

Well, what to do?

Believe it or not, I reckon the best time to start your own business is right now.

How better to spend your evenings than researching new ideas, putting plans together or working for free to get those essential first few jobs. It’s certainly cheaper than going out and spending money you can’t afford.

And others are in the same boat – so expand, network and collaborate – as you can be sure there are hundreds of people out there feeling the same as you.

Unemployment is high, cutbacks are common, this is as bad as its likely gonna get. But imagine coming through it with the security of having a half established business too? As the economy picks up, and people have money to spend, you’ll be setup, ready and waiting to take their orders and capitalise on a strong economy.