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Digital Nomad coworking and cafes to work from in Tarifa, Spain

Update – I have now written about Tarifa for Digital Nomads on my new blog!

My search for coffee and Wi-Fi in places around the world continues!

I spent January and February of 2016 in Tarifa, Spain. Escaping the cold of London, but with a requirement to be just a few hours away from the UK. Tarifa is a small town in the very south of Spain that is getting a name for itself in the “digital nomad” scene thanks to a few of its residents. It was an interesting 2 months, and fairly challenging to get in to a work vibe, but as we took to saying virtually every day while there “Welcome to Spain” and “because Tarifa” – most things didn’t really make sense. Some of the views made a lot of sense – stunning. Continue reading

Koh Samui coworking spaces & places to work for Digital Nomads

I spent 3 months on Koh Samui this year – which is a great place for a digital nomad if you want a mixture of OKĀ internet access, Thai living, easy transport, immigration office plus tourist escapes. I would say its up there as one of the better places to be in Thailand for digital nomads, simply due to these factors, although its definitely not perfect – food is quite expensive due to the whole place being tourist focused, rents are higher, and the airport is privately owned so flights are costly directly in and out of the island. The island is not that big, and traffic on roads is fairly quiet in most places, so its a nice place to explore and not get bored when staying for an extended time.
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