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My talk from WordCamp Kota Kinabalu 2019

The Location Independent Developer

A talk about going remote, digital nomads, and being location independent.


  • Where to find remote work, how to convince your boss to go remote.
  • What is a digital nomad and why be location independent.
  • Tips tricks and lessons learnt after 5 years of being a digital nomad.

This is the talk I did at WordCamp Kota Kinabalu 2019

Here’s the slides from my talk on Slideshare

My Website

How to find remote work

Your local job board – search “remote

How to get experience

Useful Travel Tools

Big Pay



Free Coworking Day

Free coworking day lets you try out coworking spaces all over Asia for free – see more info

Becoming a Nomad checklist

Great Trello board of hints, tips and tricks

Places to go

With equivalent cost of living to Malaysia:

  • chiang mai, thailand
  • koh panghan, thailand
  • da nang, vietnam
  • hoi an, vietnam
  • siem reap, cambodia
  • bulgaria, europe
  • serbia, europe
  • goa, india

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