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I make professional websites for your business

I’ve been coding since I was about 8 years old, on a Commodore 64 in BASIC, and I started using HTML way back in 1996! In 1998, I started messing about with Photoshop to make my own graphics, and then I spent the next 6 years running my own internet company.

Since 2001, I have built, hosted and maintained many friends and family websites, and now a long time later I am still doing it – and I like to think I am pretty good. I’ve even won some awards for doing it (OK, 9 awards).

I really enjoy making websites, so I won’t deliver a load of old rubbish – I use the best techniques I can for your website, and as I enjoy making websites and I don’t have the overheads of big businesses, I charge you a great price.

What can I do for you

  • Design how your website will look
  • Develop your website however complex you need
  • Write your content
  • Design your logo
  • Register your domain name
  • Register your social media names
  • Host your website on my server
  • Sort out your email accounts and address
  • Setup payment systems for ecommerce
  • Advise and help you with things you need to do

Getting you a website

I will work out the best way for your website to be that is the most cost efficient and best for your business. So I won’t build stuff that you will never use, won’t charge you for what you don’t want, and will tell you when you don’t need to pay for something as there is a cheaper / better alternative.

A large majority of my websites use WordPress as a backend – its a free framework, this saves a lot of time with development, and means that you as the owner of the website can login and update it if you want too. WordPress is used on about 25% of all websites now, so if you didn’t want to keep using me for your website, its super easy to find someone else.

All the websites I design are full responsive so work on mobile phones and tablets, have a focus on SEO so you get more customers from Google, and include any extra features that you want to add – contact forms, embedded Instagram or Twitter, photos, sliders,  ecommerce, whatever you want.

If you want to do ecommerce, I will analyse how many products you want to sell and how often, and either use secure WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, or instead of WordPress, I will use Shopify, which is a dedicated ecommerce platform. I am a certified BigCommerce reseller, another ecommerce platform, but I generally find Shopify is better for everything.

Getting a domain name

I can register domains for you and manage them. Domains are leased for a period of years, if you don’t re-register them, someone else can buy them. Once a domain is purchased – I can then point the domain to my web server (giving you webspace and somewhere to put your website).

  • .CO.UK domain – 2 years of registration – £26 (£13 per year)
  • .COM domain – 2 years of registration – £36 (£18 per year)
  • Other domains – Price on request

Each domain name includes DNS management, privacy (if required), renewal reminders and full help registering the domain. Other domain name endings available on request.

Getting some web space

For hosting (webspace) that is managed by me and has 99.9% uptime, prices start at just £6 per month, and this is normally enough for even very large websites or a couple of websites.

What sort of websiteSpaceTrafficCost per Year
Basic website or WordPress website250MB10GB£72 (£6pm)
Site with a lot of images or emails500MB20GB£96 (£8pm)
Complex website1GB30GB£120 (£10pm)
Power user or multiple websites2GB60GB£180 (£15pm)

Websites are hosted on a super fast UK server that uses fast SSD hard drives. You can have unlimited email addresses, FTP accounts, databases and everything you need. If you need cPanel access this can be given.

Extra and Optional Add-on to web space

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
Wordpress and its plugins are updated every day to prevent hackers. Reduce the risk your website will be hacked by allowing me to handle all security updates.
+£24 per year (£2pm)

Website Weekly Backup
Worried about losing all your data? What happens if all your blog posts disappear or your order history is deleted? What if you break something? This option will backup your website on a separate server every week.
+£12 per year (£1pm)

How long will a website take and how much will it cost?

Here are some example costs for a business starting completely from scratch – I have included an estimate of roughly how long this adds to the build process, as well as a likely cost range. Include the things you need, subtract the things you don’t…

One Pager Website / Holding Page

  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £26
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 1-2 days – £100 to £200
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £250 to £500

Estimated Cost: £450-£650
Delivered in: 7-10 days

Quick Website

This is your typical website, a few pages, enough content for Google to read and rank you.

  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £26
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 1-2 days – £100 to £200
  • Website content (text) – 3-4 days – £100 to £200
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £400 to £600
  • Search engine optimisation and setup – 1-2 days – £100 to £150

Estimated Cost: £500-£1,000
Delivered in: 10-15 days

Full Business Setup

This will give you a full business online presence, able to be found on Google and without you as the owner having to do much at all – I would design, write, develop, submit and launch the lot – there shouldn’t be an additional costs for you.

  • Logo – about 2-10 days to design depending on complexity and revisions – £25 to £200
  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £26
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 3-4 days – £150 to £300
  • Website content (text) – 4-7 days – £150 to £300
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £300 to £500
  • Search engine optimisation and setup – 3-4 days – £100 to £300

Estimated Cost: £800-£1,500
Delivered in: 10-24 days

Helping with existing websites and digital problems

I can help sort out your existing website, or help you improve it. I can help you market it or advertise it or advise the things you should be doing to get more customers. I have worked with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, osCommerce, WIX, and many other websites.

I typically charge £50 per hour and less if the amount of work require goes over 8 hours (a “day rate”). I give a specification of work before starting with time estimations and then costs applied. I work quickly and keep very accurate time sheets.

Contact me to get started

Drop me a quick message below to get started and then we’ll talk further about a custom solution and get you online!