I love making websites and maybe I can make you one too!

I have been coding since I was about 8 years old, on a Commodore 64 in BASIC, and I started using HTML way back in 1996!

In 1998, I started messing about with Photoshop to make my own graphics, and then I spent the next 6 years running my own design company.

Since 2001, I have built, hosted and maintained many friends and family websites, and now a long time later I am still doing it – and I like to think I am pretty good. I’ve even won some awards for doing it (OK, 9). I really enjoy making websites, so I won’t deliver a load of old rubbish – I use the best techniques I can for your website, and as I enjoy making websites and I don’t have the overheads of big businesses, I charge you a great price.

What can I do for you

  • Design and develop your website (simple, complex, ecommerce, custom)
  • Write your content
  • Design your logo
  • Register your domain name
  • Register your social media names
  • Host your website on my server
  • Sort out your email accounts and address
  • Setup payment systems for ecommerce
  • Advise and help you with things you need to do

Ready to get started? Contact me now or read on.

Getting you a website

I will work out the best way for your website to be that is the most cost efficient and best for your business. So I won’t build stuff that you will never use, won’t charge you for what you don’t want, and will tell you when you don’t need to pay for something as there is a cheaper / better alternative.

A large majority of my websites use WordPress as a backend – its a free framework, this saves a lot of time with development, and means that you as the owner of the website can login and update it if you want too. WordPress is used on about 25% of all websites now, so if you didn’t want to keep using me for your website, its super easy to find someone else.

All the websites I design are full responsive so work on mobile phones and tablets, have a focus on SEO so you get more customers from Google, and include any extra features that you want to add – contact forms, embedded Instagram or Twitter, photos, sliders,  ecommerce, whatever you want.

If you want to do ecommerce, I will analyse how many products you want to sell and how often, and either use secure WordPress plugins, or instead of WordPress, I will use Shopify, which is a dedicated ecommerce platform. I am a certified BigCommerce reseller, another ecommerce platform, but I generally find Shopify is better for everything.

Hosting and Domains

I can register domains for you and manage them. Domains are leased for a period of years, if you don’t re-register them, someone else can buy them. Once a domain is purchased – I can then point the domain to my web server (giving you webspace and somewhere to put your website).

  • .CO.UK domain – 2 years of registration – £20 (£10 per year)
  • .COM domain – 2 years of registration – £32 (£16 per year)
  • Other domains – Price on request

For hosting (webspace) that is managed by me and has 99.9% uptime, prices start at just £6 per month, and this is normally enough for even very large websites or a couple of websites. Full details of that are here.

How long will a website take and how much will it cost?

Here are some example costs for a business starting completely from scratch – I have included an estimate of roughly how long this adds to the build process, as well as a likely cost range. Include the things you need, subtract the things you don’t…

One Pager Website / Holding Page

  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £20
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 1-2 days – £100 to £200
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £150 to £300

Estimated Cost: £350-£550
Delivered in: 7-10 days

Quick Website

  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £20
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 1-2 days – £100 to £200
  • Website content (text) – 3-4 days – £100 to £200
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £300 to £500
  • Search engine optimisation and setup – 1-2 days – £50 to £100

Estimated Cost: £500-£1,000
Delivered in: 10-15 days

Full Business Setup

  • Logo – about 2-10 days to design depending on complexity and revisions – £25 to £200
  • Domain name .CO.UK – 2 days to setup – £20
  • Hosting – £6 per month – £72
  • Website design and layout – 3-4 days – £100 to £300
  • Website content (text) – 4-7 days – £100 to £300
  • Website development & setup – 3-4 days – £300 to £500
  • Search engine optimisation and setup – 3-4 days – £100 to £300

Estimated Cost: £700-£1,500
Delivered in: 10-24 days

This will give you a full business online presence, able to be found on Google and without you as the owner having to do much at all – I would design, write, develop, submit and launch the lot – there shouldn’t be an additional costs for you. Prices include all associated taxes etc.

Helping with existing websites and digital problems

I can help sort out your existing website, or help you improve it. I can help you market it or advertise it or advise the things you should be doing to get more customers. I have worked with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, osCommerce, WIX, and many other websites.

I typically charge £50 per hour, and can give a specification of work before starting.  Contact me about this. I work quickly and keep very accurate time sheets.

Contact me

Drop me a quick message below to get started and then we’ll talk further about a custom solution and get you online!