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Hi, I’m James, and I can help you get a website that is beautifully designed, fast-loading and helps you grow your business.

James Hunt

I understand your problem.

You need a new website.

You know what you need it to achieve, you need it to convert and make more sales, and you need it to rank higher than your competitors.

But you only have a rough idea of how it should look. You don’t know what your customers want in a website. You need design, perhaps a new or updated logo, you need to automate more of your marketing as you are already maxed out, you need to create a professional website.

But do you need a developer? A designer? A marketing person?

You need someone that will get your website project from zero to sales success.

A professional website design and development service

I’m James, I’m a professional web developer that can help you make the best possible website for your business. I’ve been making websites for over 20 years, and my experience has let me recognise what every website needs to achieve its goals.

I don’t pretend I know everything, but I really do try! And when I don’t know something, my experience allows me to find the people who really do know their stuff.

My main focus is WordPress development – where I work for cutting-edge agencies and enterprise companies to create world-class web experiences.

But very often, people need more than just code. They need an experience built; discovery, design, content, customer validation.

This is where I can help. I lead a collective of professionals and partner with branding agencies, creative agencies, content marketing, SEO specialists and even online ads and conversion specialists, meaning that all aspects of your websites design, development and launch is covered from one place.

I can take care of finding the best talent, translating their techno-speak in to something understandable, and delivering the best possible web experience for your business.

Aspects of your web design and development I can help you with:


How your company is interpreted by your customers starts with the look and feel. Your logo, the colours, the imagery, and the messaging. This is the bedrock of your company and should have the focus it deserves.

User experience

Researching your customers needs are important, what do they need to do, what do they expect from your website, what will help them make a purchase.


Content for your website is important. Text is emotive, and your customers want to read about your products and services. So does Google. Using our user experience research, content should be crafted around your users needs, balanced with providing value to your customers and Google.

Website design

Website design is not simple, and needs to entwine your branding, user experience research and content requirements with essential design web methodologies. A web design will incorporate the branding and content work to help communicate with your users why your company is the right choice for them. Every website design is unique to the company it’s created for.

Website development

Based on the website design, your website is developed to be fast, focused on SEO, and fully-responsive (it will look great on mobiles, tablets or desktop devices). Ecommerce, mailing lists, product catalogues, CRM integrations and much more can be developed to save you time, money and staff resource.


Using knowledge from user experience research and content creation, a focus on SEO ensures your users can find your website on Google and other platforms. Using the latest SEO techniques, your content can help generate leads for your business, without spending on advertising.


Advertising is perfect for giving a boost to your website with a new audience and for getting fast feedback. Digital advertising (Google ads, Facebook adverts and more) can help you push your content out to your audience much faster than organic SEO.


Advice is everywhere on the internet, but every company, every website, every customer has different needs. You need specific advice for your situation. I can help you navigate all of this information based on your companies needs, and suggest a solution based on real-life experience and successful projects.

Technologies I work with:

I aim to suggest the right platform for your needs. I predominantly work with WordPress, and find it’s a great fit for most companies. But if WordPress isn’t right for your company, I’ll tell you.

I’ve successfully deployed websites using the following:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Contentful
  • Ghost
  • Shopify
  • Static sites
  • Gatsby
  • React

But aren’t you a WordPress developer?

Yes, I’m a professional WordPress developer, and if you have your designs and content ready to go, you can hire me directly to develop your site.

But for some clients, they need much more than just code. And part of being a great developer is understanding the many facets of design, development and marketing and how they interact with each other. Some of my customers don’t have access to quality designers to help them get started, so myself, and a team of other hand-picked professionals can work together to help make your website amazing. Makes sense.

What does a typical full web design and development project look like?

Here’s a project outline

  • Discovery
  • Branding
    • Research
    • Mock-ups
    • Presentation
  • User experience
    • Research
    • Ideate
    • Findings
  • Content
    • SEO research
    • Content plan
    • Content creation
  • Website design
    • Wireframes
    • Mock-ups
    • InVision presentation
  • Website development
    • Functional specification
    • Development
    • Launch to staging server for testing
    • Deploy to production server
  • SEO
    • Optimise website for speed and performance
    • Optimise ranking content
  • Advertising
    • Build audiences and customer segments
    • Design creatives, lead magnets and offers
    • Schedule, optimise, monitor, report

Not everything has to be done for every project, but this is a skeleton outline that we’ve used more than once!

Web design and development timescales and costs

A project incorporating branding, design, development, and marketing will normally take 2-3 months from start to finish. This is a realistic time from my experience working with many, many companies. The larger the company, the longer a project will typically take, simply as decisions involve so many different people. Timescales can be shorter, but this is often dependent on your exact requirements and your budget.

A complete web design and development project – include branding, design, research, content, development, marketing – typically starts at £15,000.

To get started, let’s have a short discovery call. From that I can begin to understand your aims, look at your current site, see what needs to be done and start to give you an idea of cost.

After that we recommend a discovery process to fully flesh-out your needs and requirements. The discovery process is useful, even if you don’t use us for your design and build, as you will get a document of your requirements which would be useful to any agency.

Get your new website project started

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