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Why page builders suck for site performance and you shouldn’t use them

Page builder performance

I’m gonna start this post with this graph.

Page builder performance


This is the size of the assets each of these Page builders load by default, in KB (CSS + JS files combined). BEFORE ANYTHING ON YOUR SITE IS LOADED.

As you can see, Divi and Elementor (the two most popular page builders) load approximately 1 Megabyte of assets on your page. How are you going to optimise that?

The answer is you cannot. Not easily.

The better to solution is not to use a page builder. Spend a little bit more early on on your website, or factor in a redevelopment to your budget.

If you must use a page builder, use Beaver Builder Pro or Oxygen Builder. These are at least performant and handle the loading of assets properly / on demand depending on your usage.

If your web developer / designer says to use Elementor or Divi, just fire them. Seriously. They do not care about your website or your business and they know nothing about making quality performant websites.