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YPlan for last minute late night entertainment


YPlan is a new startup in London that offers a daily guide of curated places to go at the last minute. Sometimes discounted, sometimes exclusive, with tickets purchased through the app.

Its been adopted by a lot of Londoners I know, and I think it says a lot about the culture and the use of smartphones amongst this age group in that it seems to be working.

The app is pretty good, in fact the thing that probably makes it less good is now is that its pretty busy. So the smaller (and better) events sell out fast, taking away the exclusive curated feel as you’re just left with events that you could look at on the TimeOut and/or other website.

Anyway, I digress. Use YPlan after 7pm in the evening, and you’ll just see gigs and events for the next day. What about the evening of that day?

Each evening, clubs are quiet, bars could be busier, guestlists need names, and I am sure there are plenty of other late night events that need people in them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could open an app, and be invited to a handful of clubs or evening events, for that night. Right now.

I’ve promoted nights before, and I tell you, something like this, when you haven’t sold as many tickets as you thought, or by 10pm, the club is a little more emptier than you would have liked, would be essential for a promoter, and you’d be willing to take a hit on door fee if your night is busier (and/or drinks are being drunk, depending on your deal with the club, or if you own the club). Hell, it doesn’t even have to be clubs that are empty. Even Ministry of Sound has space after 2am, but if you didn’t know, you might not make the journey. This app would allow them to get the word out, and get extra people in.

For the user, you’d find out where to go, where you can get in (guaranteed – well, sober allowing), you might get a deal, guestlist, or something else.

Finding a place to go in the evenings isn’t always easy, and finding a place to go after 11pm is actually harder in London some nights that in any other city I know.

The Pitch – “YPlan for late night entertainment” – Curated clubs and bars get access to offer last minute deals for different clientele, areas, and times, with entry purchased directly through the app.