I spent 4 months on Koh Lanta working as a “digital nomad” so got to explore the place pretty well. Internet connectivity is pretty good on the island, I guess due to its close location to the mainland, and all the way down the left of the island it seems to be pretty stable. On the right side of the island (Old Town) the internet is not great. 3G is also widely available (although annoyingly not where I lived on Prae’Ae beach).¬†Either way, you can definitely work on Koh Lanta.

Cafes and places to work on Koh Lanta

I love decent coffee and working in cafes, so while I was there, I started a list of places on the island to work from alongside their internet speeds, if they have AC or not, the price of a coffee and a few other things. It also lists if the place is open in “green” season, as some of the places on the island are only open for half the year.

Get the list of places to find Wi-Fi and coffee on Koh Lanta – http://bit.ly/lantaWiFi

The document can be updated and edited by anybody, so feel free to add your favourite spot or update some of the details.

Coworking on Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is possibly one of the best places I went to in Thailand for its working/nomad community, only after Chiang Mai I would say, and this is largely down to KoHub, the islands only coworking spot. James at KoHub has done a great job at making a community around the venue, and due to the islands size, you are never that far away from someone to hang out with.

Internet speed at KoHub is some of the fastest on the island, I don’t remember the exact speeds (speedtest.net let me down), but its fibre and I remember seeing 35Mbps down, and 8Mbps up, but this was in June 2015, and I believe lines have been upgraded since.

Got any questions about Koh Lanta? Let me know and I’d be happy to help.

Crew from Kohub - Kohubbers

Some of the crew from KoHub + Hackers Paradise