James HuntI love getting involved with stuff, helping people and fixing broken things.

I’ve been a life long entrepreneur. I love creating. I’m passionate about the interactions between marketing, digital, product and user experience. I’m a full stack marketer, coder, business man and I’m always looking for the next thing.

After a life focused around the UK, in 2015 I packed up my things and became location independent,  working only on projects I believe in while travelling the world.

I live by the motto of “just another chapter in the book”, my potentially self-indulgent narcissistic belief that whatever happens in my life – good, bad, happy, traumatic – will make fascinating reading in my one-day untitled autobiography written for a currently unknown audience.

In my free time, I love fitness and nutrition, so cycling, running, yoga and general wellbeing are a big part of my life. I love quantified self, and believe there is so much left to learn about the human body, fitness and how we fuel it. I’m a big geek and love technology and the web, and I’ve spent the last 7 years involved in smart home hardware and the Internet of Things industry. I love films (and I’m keen to make one), I’m currently learning Thai (Mandarin is on the back burner), writing a book about my old “other life” in the dance music industry, and I’m always searching for good coffee and Wi-Fi.

Connect with me

I love to work on new and exciting projects, so if you feel as if you have something I can help with, you should get in contact with me, connect with me on Linkedin, or just shout and follow me on Twitter.