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Hi, I’m James. I’m a full stack developer specialising in WordPress & Laravel.

James Hunt

I’ve been coding and creating websites for a long time. I love to code, and I love to solve problems. I’m a professional WordPress developer, where I make awesome websites using custom WordPress themes, blocks and plugins primarily for Enterprise clients. I’m a professional Laravel developer, commonly using the TALL stack, making robust web apps and software.

I’ve been a 100% remote worker and digital nomad since 2014. I’m location independent, travelling while working remotely from anywhere with good internet. I blog about the digital nomad lifestyle and moderate several digital nomad Facebook groups (Koh Lanta, London, Kuala Lumpur and a few others) with a reach of 100,000+ nomads and remote workers. I’ve been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, The Bangkok Post, and given presentations around the world about the location independent lifestyle.

I also run some online businesses and make cool side projects, including running one of the world’s best internet radio stations. I’m an experienced marketer previously heading up the marketing teams of several successful startups. I’ve done a lot of other stuff if you’re interested.

Things I do:

Professional WordPress developer

I’m a WordPress developer that makes high quality, fast and SEO optimised websites. I’ve been working for years with companies and creative / digital agencies that are looking for high quality, highly customised websites, that not only work well but also help make more money and generate new business. I make themes, plugins, blocks, anything really, so I can confidently say I am a WordPress specialist.

Find out more about how I work and my availability as a professional WordPress developer.

Professional Laravel developer

Laravel is a PHP web application framework which means it’s great for making web apps, whether as a backend for a SaaS business, membership system, booking platform, or internal tools for businesses. A majority of my work in Laravel has focused on building internal tools for businesses, like relational databases, which are then launched on internal networks or VPCs.

Find out more about how I work and my availability as a Laravel developer.

WordPress Plugins

I like to develop WordPress plugins for use on WordPress and WooCommerce websites. Some of my plugins are open source, others are sold commercially. My plugins are developed mostly using PHP and also React (for Block Editor/Gutenberg blocks).

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Side Projects

Location Independent

A location independent guide and blog for digital nomads. I like writing, and this lets me indulge in this alongside helping people with my thoughts and advice to cut through the nonsense and dispense crystal-clear information about becoming location independent.

NSB Radio

Music is a passion of mine, and this internet radio station, forum and chat community was setup in 2001. With over 25,000 forum members, 3 million page views per month, a 24/7 live internet radio station with an average listener level of 750 listeners (a max peak of 2500), a range of merchandise, a compilation CD release, and numerous club nights and events around the world; this hobby has been a really interesting enterprise to run. The community and radio have picked up various awards, including a BBC Radio 1 Peoples Choice Award.

This is Broken

A website dedicated to Seth Godin’s Book Recommendations. A fun little project that I did to help people discover their next great book to read.

Responsive Resizer for Safari on MacOS

An open source browser extension for Safari users so they could responsively test web designs. Since Catalina, the extension needs an update due to security changes, but the extension is still used by a lot of people who haven’t yet upgraded.


I have a few other projects and businesses not listed here. A few more utility websites, I sell my own custom product on (via Amazon FBA), have a large collection of T-shirt designs on Amazon Merch, and have property for rent on AirBNB.

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