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Digital Nomad coworking and cafes to work from in Tarifa, Spain

Update – I have now written about Tarifa for Digital Nomads on my new blog!

My search for coffee and Wi-Fi in places around the world continues!

I spent January and February of 2016 in Tarifa, Spain. Escaping the cold of London, but with a requirement to be just a few hours away from the UK. Tarifa is a small town in the very south of Spain that is getting a name for itself in the “digital nomad” scene thanks to a few of its residents. It was an interesting 2 months, and fairly challenging to get in to a work vibe, but as we took to saying virtually every day while there “Welcome to Spain” and “because Tarifa” – most things didn’t really make sense. Some of the views made a lot of sense – stunning. Continue reading

Places to work on Koh Lanta: Wi-Fi and Coffee for Digital Nomads

I spent 4 months on Koh Lanta working as a “digital nomad” so got to explore the place pretty well. Internet connectivity is pretty good on the island, I guess due to its close location to the mainland, and all the way down the left of the island it seems to be pretty stable. On the right side of the island (Old Town) the internet is not great. 3G is also widely available (although annoyingly not where I lived on Prae’Ae beach). Either way, you can definitely work on Koh Lanta.
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Fixing a slow Mac after upgrading OSX: Reset NVRAM (PRAM), and SMC

Whenever you upgrade your Mac OSX, you should perform resets of NVRAM (formerly PRAM) and SMC to get the full power of the upgrade and clean out old files and settings that will otherwise slow your Mac down. The guide below is based on using my own Macbook Pro Retina 2014, your computer may vary.
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Why I won’t answer your phone call

I have added this article to my blog because many people don’t understand why I don’t pick up their phone calls, and why I love messages so much.

I hope that it will help you understand my point of view, my values, and how I prefer to communicate.

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Koh Samui coworking spaces & places to work for Digital Nomads

I spent 3 months on Koh Samui this year – which is a great place for a digital nomad if you want a mixture of OK internet access, Thai living, easy transport, immigration office plus tourist escapes. I would say its up there as one of the better places to be in Thailand for digital nomads, simply due to these factors, although its definitely not perfect – food is quite expensive due to the whole place being tourist focused, rents are higher, and the airport is privately owned so flights are costly directly in and out of the island. The island is not that big, and traffic on roads is fairly quiet in most places, so its a nice place to explore and not get bored when staying for an extended time.
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PHP for current copyright year

Handy little code for when creating website templates or pages – so your copyright code is auto updated every year.

Current year only:

© <?php echo date("Y") ?>

Current year with start year

© 2008-<?php echo date("Y") ?>

Fitbit Tips and Tricks: 8 ways to improve your Fitbit Flex usage

The Fitbit Flex is the new smart monitor that you wear on your wrist to monitor your exercise, heart rate, food, sleep and more. I’ve been using mine for the last couple of weeks, and here are some tips and tricks. Continue reading

Live video chat app for customer services – oLark meets FaceTime

I recently went to a 4G hackathon sponsored by EE (we won it – but, y’know). 4G access pretty much changes everything – it changes the landscape of mobile completely – big data, big video and big anything else is no longer a problem.

One idea I thought of is something we take for granted on most websites – live chat. With 4G, why just offer live chat?

Pitch – oLark meets FaceTime

Imagine you’re a plumber, British Gas, a washing machine repair company, or a utility of sorts. Instead of just a live chat widget on your site that your customers could use, you could now have a live chat video widget – allowing the customer to show you the problem directly from their phone. Need a builder? or a handyman? Fire up the app, start talking, walk to your back yard and show them your issue directly. This all saves the customer a call out fee, saves them time but also saves the company time and money.

YPlan for last minute late night entertainment


YPlan is a new startup in London that offers a daily guide of curated places to go at the last minute. Sometimes discounted, sometimes exclusive, with tickets purchased through the app.

Its been adopted by a lot of Londoners I know, and I think it says a lot about the culture and the use of smartphones amongst this age group in that it seems to be working.

The app is pretty good, in fact the thing that probably makes it less good is now is that its pretty busy. So the smaller (and better) events sell out fast, taking away the exclusive curated feel as you’re just left with events that you could look at on the TimeOut and/or other website.

Anyway, I digress. Use YPlan after 7pm in the evening, and you’ll just see gigs and events for the next day. What about the evening of that day?

Each evening, clubs are quiet, bars could be busier, guestlists need names, and I am sure there are plenty of other late night events that need people in them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could open an app, and be invited to a handful of clubs or evening events, for that night. Right now.

I’ve promoted nights before, and I tell you, something like this, when you haven’t sold as many tickets as you thought, or by 10pm, the club is a little more emptier than you would have liked, would be essential for a promoter, and you’d be willing to take a hit on door fee if your night is busier (and/or drinks are being drunk, depending on your deal with the club, or if you own the club). Hell, it doesn’t even have to be clubs that are empty. Even Ministry of Sound has space after 2am, but if you didn’t know, you might not make the journey. This app would allow them to get the word out, and get extra people in.

For the user, you’d find out where to go, where you can get in (guaranteed – well, sober allowing), you might get a deal, guestlist, or something else.

Finding a place to go in the evenings isn’t always easy, and finding a place to go after 11pm is actually harder in London some nights that in any other city I know.

The Pitch – “YPlan for late night entertainment” – Curated clubs and bars get access to offer last minute deals for different clientele, areas, and times, with entry purchased directly through the app.

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