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I speak about remote work, location independence and being a digital nomad at conferences, events and conventions.

James Hunt is a digital nomad speaker and keynote

I speak about remote work, location independence and being a digital nomad at conferences, events and conventions.

I love to talk about remote work, how to start remote work, being location independent, going location independent, the digital nomad industry, coworking spaces, attracting digital nomads to your businesses/country.

I tend to create fresh presentations depending on the audience, I don’t tend to repeat my presentations.

Event speaking experience and topics

A sample of some of the talks I’ve given:

The New Entrepreneur

A talk about the new rise of the location independent entrepreneur, what they look for, what they buy and how to attract them.

The Laptop Tourist

How to attract digital nomads in the tourism industry

The location independent worker & going remote

How to get started with remote work, become location independent and go remote

Brief information about me

  • Location independent for 7 years, advocate of remote work pre-COVID
  • English-native speaking
  • Moderate several digital nomad Facebook groups – including Chiang Mai Digital Nomads (30,000+ members), Koh Lanta Digital Nomads, London Digital Nomads and more
  • Featured in publications such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, and The Bangkok Post
  • Run one of the UK’s leading digital nomad blogs and resources

Available for speaking at your event

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, you can contact me to discuss further.

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Speaking requirements

To have me take part in your event I require the following:

  • A lavalier microphone. I’m tall, so podium microphones are always too short for me. I talk with my hands, so I don’t want to hold a microphone. To be clear, this is a clip on microphone – but not an earpiece or headset.
  • A screen in my view just for me to use with notes / next slide on. I don’t want to keep turning around to talk to the screen, I want to talk to my audience and still know whats happening behind me with my slides. This is best achieved via a laptop or additional screen in front of me as the speaker. I am happy to use my own laptop if it’s within a few feet of the stage.
  • A clicker that works. Next and back buttons. Laser pointer could be useful.
  • Water on the stage available for me.