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Recommended WordPress hosts from a WordPress developer

I get a lot of people asking me where they should host their website and for recommendations for WordPress hosting.

What to look for in a WordPress host

Hosting companies are virtually the same, so I feel like small details make a big difference. Here is what I look for:

  • cPanel access – cPanel is the industry standard of domain admin, its quick and simple and you can do virtually everything you need to do without contacting support. If you have cPanel access, you can add sub-domains, add redirects, add files, create email addresses, install programs; everything you need to do.
  • Lets Encrpyt – This lets you generate free SSL certificates for domains, sub-domains, whatever. It’s free for the hosting company to install, so any hosting company still charging you for SSL is trying to squeeze money out of you for no reason.
  • SSH access – one for the techies, but SSH means that you can log in to your server via command line, from there, you can updates files super quick, install programs, run advance commands. Sometimes called Shell access.
  • WP-CLI – If you have SSH access, having WP-CLI setup will make administering WordPress sites much easier.
  • Backups – Of course you will have your own backup solution, but ultimately, you want a company that might just save your arse one day, and for backups to be available at server level.
  • Litespeed – Litespeed is a server technology that allows WordPress websites to load much faster. Having this setup means the host cares about delivering you a fast website.

My recommended WordPress hosts:

Guru –
UK-based, fast SSD servers, Litespeed, 24/7 support, free SSLs via Let’s Encrypt, knowledgable staff, a reputable company (UK Dedicated), cPanel access, can be used for other things not just WordPress.
Guru is my number one choice for UK WordPress hosting.
From £5 per month+

A2 Hosting –
USA-based, cheap and cheerful hosting, 24/7 support across multiple channels, Litespeed support, Free SSL, SSH.
A2 Hosting is recommended if you need a website for a USA audience but on a budget
From $10 (£7) per month+

WP Engine –
WordPress focused, 24/7 support, staging/production environments, basic plan only allows for 1 website, no email address generation, own CDN (so good for UK/USA/Worldwide audience).
Professional solution, ideal if you know you will just be using WordPress, and if your email is already setup (via GSuite perhaps).
From $35 (£25) per month+

Features to avoid when looking for hosting

  1. Custom web admin – Any company that offers custom web administration you should run from. Invariably these are clunky backend systems that are only there to limit what you do. Moving from hosts who have custom setup also means its impossible to easily migrate to a new host (no way to save settings etc).
  2. No migration help – Any decent company will help you migrate your existing website to them.

Hosting companies to avoid – they claim to offer 24/7 support but I found myself waiting and waiting for support. I don’t have time for companies who claim rapid support and are slow to respond.

Ionos / – overloaded servers, not offering multiple free SSL via Let’s Encrypt, their own domain and web control system is clunky, and frequent billing errors. They keep changing their name for a reason.

GoDaddy – GoDaddy have assimilated lots of hosting companies under their brand – resulting in a mess of screens and broken integrations. Their premium WordPress hosting is a mess, and suffer from frequent DNS issues. Support is slow as you have to phone each time, and cannot simply email. If you end up working with a client who uses GoDaddy, then you can tweet at GoDaddy and that is how to get customer support.

20i Hosting – No backups, limited SSH, custom administration screens

TSO Host – not offering 24/7 support

Blue Host – A terrible host, who stuffs hundreds of websites on to one server, each with virtually no protection between them. Every single customer who has hosted with Blue Host has been hacked and have had no help/support from Blue Host, without them trying to upsell their own recovery services. Most bloggers recommend them as they pay the most affiliate referral payments!

123-Reg – They are a domain company who has started to offer web services, they charge you for EVERYTHING! Avoid avoid avoid them.

Dreamhost – Bulk host who doesn’t care about customers. Avoid them. ‘ – Famous for free domains in the early 2000’s, but the servers are massively overloaded and support is poor.