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Weezy Discount Code (£10 off) – 15 min delivery in London

Try Weezy and get £10 off your first order with my referral discount code: a0xau9lfrr

My discount code gets you £10 off a £20 basket total.

You can also get 50% off your next order (max discount £25) with discount code: TRAIN-WORM-FISH

Weezy is a supermarket that delivers in 15 minutes, and I’ve become addicted!

During lockdown I got deep in to the convenience of Amazon Prime Now and getting my groceries delivered without leaving my home within a couple of hours.

Weezy is Amazon Prime Now on steroids. Order in seconds, deliver in minutes.

For me, I’ve had most of my deliveries from Weezy in about 12 minutes – that’s from pressing “Pay now” to being met at the door by a smiling Weezy delivery worker.

Prices are reasonable. You don’t get the supermarket discounts or buy 1 get 1 free deals, but compared with Uber Eats and Deliveroo supermarket deliveries (erm, no, £20 for a £3 bottle of pinot grigio is not good value) then Weezy is actually more than reasonable.

Delivery fee is £2.95, which again is reasonable compared with Uber Eats and Deliveroos “make it up as they go” pricing. They currently cover plenty of central London (Westminster, Soho, City, Southwark, Lambeth), but veering nicely south venturing all the way out to Mitcham and in to East London. Stick your postcode in their website to check they deliver to you.

If you want to give Weezy a go, I recommend it. Visit their website.

Use my Weezy Discount Code

Use my Weezy Discount Code: a0xau9lfrr (enter at checkout to get £10 off your first order over £20)