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PHP for current copyright year

Handy little code for when creating website templates or pages – so your copyright code is auto updated every year.

Current year only:

© <?php echo date("Y") ?>

Current year with start year

© 2008-<?php echo date("Y") ?>

Fitbit Tips and Tricks: 8 ways to improve your Fitbit Flex usage

The Fitbit Flex is the new smart monitor that you wear on your wrist to monitor your exercise, heart rate, food, sleep and more. I’ve been using mine for the last couple of weeks, and here are some tips and tricks. Continue reading

QR codes could revolutionize nightclub set times

QR codes seem to be popping up more and more recently, yeah they have been around for a few years, and some could argue they have “been done” but I think they are another tool for any marketers belt. I am seeing the whole “scan and get something” thing really getting some momentum in the UK, largely bought on by Tesco, RedLaser and their ilk, and this kind of instant interaction is what users crave nowadays.
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Forcing non-www to www with htaccess

Some search engines see and as two separate sites, and more importantly, some web hosts don’t properly direct the non-www version of your domain name – leaving your domain name seemingly unavailable when someone forgets to type in the “www.” before your domain. This is one of my biggest pet hates, and I see it all the time with inexperienced webmasters.
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The Basic Original WordPress htaccess file

This one is for me more than you, but hey, there is a lack of info on the internet, and its up to me to set it straight…

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Finding the Absolute Path of a directory with PHP

Just a quick one this, but something that is really useful if you are installing scripts on a server and need to know the absolute path from your servers root for the config.
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Creating a holding page to hide your WordPress blog

If you’re developing a WordPress site, sometimes you may need to hide the site from your client or the general public until release.

There are 3 relatively quick and easy ways to do this :

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Wordy – cheap professional copy-editing

Just came across this great website –

At first glance, I thought it was yet another translation service, but no, in fact its something I’ve never seen before – an instant online copy checking service. Continue reading

How to make better (and accessible) PDFs

Something I always get stuck on, making PDFs that are properly functional. Inparticular, making those snazzy left side bookmarks that jump out when the file is loaded (great for instruction manuals, books etc)..
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